28.01.20 CIFF Copenhagen
28.01.20 REVOLVER Copenhagen
26.01.20 MODEFABRIEK Amsterdam
21.01.20 NEW YORK Man's Fashion Week

Biarritz 1961

Biarritz 1961


Biarritz 1961 is an Italian cashmere brand that cleverly blends high quality materials, accurate workmanship, timely attention to fashion trends, but above all an extreme attention to final selling prices.

Our slogan is therefore: “Who said that luxury is only for a few??”

The four friends, owners of the brand Biarritz 1961, chose this name in memory of the place where the all-time fashion queen, Cocò Chanel, at the beginning of the last century, successfully inaugurated her second Boutique after Paris, rue Cambon.

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