31.12.20 STUDIO CRISTALLINI - Fall Winter 2021 Sales Campaign OPEN




Bohonomad Rope Sandals was born in 2015 after a long research and development period and all the productsare registered and trademarked under the Bohonomad South Africa brand. The name Bohonomad is a combination of Boho (Bohemian) and Nomad, which also defines the main purposefor this very special product.

Made for men and women. Each Bohonomad rope sandal is entirely hand-made by Turkish women, who are based in Turkey. These localwomen have been working in agricultural sector with no social benefits before they were employed byBohonomad SA. In 2015, Bohonomad has opened a workshop located in the Mugla district in Koycegiz, to bring social awarenessand responsibility under the spotlight and improve the lives of the women working for them. By helping them, Bohonomad has conquered its current position in the market, Bohonomad Rope Sandals stand out with so many characteristics, which makes them a unique product for those who are looking for the comfort, durability, health, elegance and style at the same time. It is a must for those who want to be comfortable though luxurious in town as well as on holidays.

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