31.12.20 STUDIO CRISTALLINI - Fall Winter 2021 Sales Campaign OPEN



Campania Lazio Muam Puglia

Copenhagen was started in 2017 by the Liebeskind founders, the two brothers Johannes and Julian Rellecke. Living the legacy of the 4th generation of shoemakers, both of them have been passionate about footwear ever since. Precision, quality and fairness were values that just came natural to them, and that are now becoming visible through each and every collection. 

As twins, the two founders have always had a deep bond. Julian now is the creative mind behind the brand, taking care of the whole design process, sensing tomorrow’s trends. Johannes manages the business and marketing side, and makes things happen. 

While the footwear is designed in Copenhagen, the production process takes place in small manufactures in Europe and the leather comes from family-owned tanneries in Italy. All pieces are finished by hand in order to ensure the highest quality.

Copenhagen is innovative craftsmanship, functional details and contemporary designs.

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