The story begins in 1992 with a series of handmade shirts under the label Mauro Grifoni. An obsessive quest for perfection together with a love for traditional craftsmanship, seen anew with a modern eye and a contemporary sensibility, propel the whole engine in motion.

Rather quickly, things grow to include other products, til a total look finally takes shape. The concept is to create an assured, refined collection safe from mass-marketed trends and common formulas; an eclectic, sophisticated, metropolitan wardrobe made using the best fabrics around and relying on top-notch tailoring finesse. Unexpected classicism, playful understatement and new tradition meet up in a subdued but precious recipe conceived for demanding palates.

Each piece is iconic but non-obvious, rigorous design-wise but with a relaxed spirit, always ready to be appropriated and interpreted by the wearer according to ones own instinct and will. The DNA is proudly, unmistakably Italian, but never obviously so.

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