31.12.20 STUDIO CRISTALLINI - Fall Winter 2021 Sales Campaign OPEN




MR*73; grasps the authenticity of the “roots”, typical of the street world, to dilute it and make it accessible to a more conscious audience able to value it also due to the quality that an Italian company with a long history can guarantee.

It does it in an authentic but polite way, making the aesthetic codes of three worlds lovable: tradition meant from the point of view of cultural symbols typical of the archive, street-wear taste and enthusiasm, and sportswear fit.

MR*73 is made of this, it is a project centred on identity, which finds its personality right in the fusion and that was born from the passion of a group, a heterogeneous crew in terms of age and life: Good Old Days; which in different moments of their lives, or along all their lives, have breathed street, undoing the border between work and passion.

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