Pink Memories

Pink Memories


Pink Memories come from the meeting of two souls: the feminine and romantic, and the rock and rebel.
Two distinct personalities that perfectly blend in a combination that is not obvious and superficial.
It’s 2007 when Claudia and Paolo Andrei decide to create Pink Memories. Everything comes from a mono-product: a lingerie-style slip dress in silk and French lace that is proposed in more than 100 colors, and that attracts the attention of the most important Italian and international buyers.

From this success a real total-look, complete in all the product categories, is born and develops. Pink Memories becomes a brand with a strong personality and its immediately recognizable style, and is consecrated in the Made In Italy fashion sector.

Pink Memories is femininity, elegance, beauty, seduction that charms and disarms through seducting necklines, soft materials and printed silks.

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