28.01.20 CIFF Copenhagen
28.01.20 REVOLVER Copenhagen
26.01.20 MODEFABRIEK Amsterdam
21.01.20 NEW YORK Man's Fashion Week

United standard

United standard


Established in early 2015 in Milan by the art director Giorgio Di Salvo,
UNITED STANDARD is the new answer to the contemporary cultural offer as a merging point of two distinct values: aesthetics and functionality.
The UNITED STANDARD project is a street wear line equally focused on accessories and clothing.

The strength of the brand lies in the technical and multifunctional features of all products, offering a collection that values the practical element,
as well as giving strong attention to the aesthetical form.

The brand name was chosen both in terms of a united-standard, as expression of a contemporary collective cultural consciousness,
and of union-of-standards, as combination of several distinct signi cant elements.

Starting with FW15 mens collection, UNITED STANDARD is developing a tight calendar of cultural offerings for the next collections,
ranging from fashion, music and art.

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