The dynamic business reality and success of the Studio Cristallini, a multi-brand clothing distributor, forced the owner to re-think the image of their Rome headquarter.

For logistical reasons, the works for the three-level showroom refurbishment (ground, basement, and first floors) were executed in three different stages. The Silver Hall, at the ground floor, hosts the main entry, the administration and the director’s office.

The Black Canvas, in the basement, accommodates the sale and display areas as well as a series of amenities. White Scenario, on the first floor, acts as a showroom and multipurpose space for product display.

Made from subtly differing metals that vary in brightness with the surface angle of the light source, the hall is filled with shimmering silver light. The space takes different hues as the hours of a day pass by: from a sharp silvery colour in the morning to a goldish and warm
colour in the evening.

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