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Founded in Rome in 1995, Studio Cristallini is a multibrand clothing agency dedicated to meeting the needs of both fashion store owners and brands themselves. With a robust presence in the industry, we passionately commit ourselves to the goal of providing retailers with a curated and diverse selection of prestigious brands, both Italian and international.

Since 2004, our current headquarters has been the pulsating heart of our operations, meticulously designed to offer an environment that reflects our dedication to industry entrepreneurs. Studio Cristallini transcends the role of a mere showroom, positioning itself as an authentic strategic partner.

The decision to involve an architect in the design of our space is a clear manifestation of our ongoing pursuit of excellence and our commitment to creating a truly unique environment that serves as a tool to help both store owners and brands express their identity. We offer a space of quality, enriched by a skilled team with extensive experience.


SC Sportswear Division represents a profound commitment to versatility and our belief in the significance of sports. Within our historic showroom, this division is dedicated to a meticulous selection of sports and sportswear brands. Our philosophy is grounded in a fundamental belief in the world of sports and its relevance, which has driven us to invest in a dedicated division. We provide expertise, a specialized team, dedicated spaces, and focus our efforts on objectives that are not only quantitative but especially qualitative.

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