office in rome_06 ©Givlio Aristide


Established in Rome in 1995, Studio Cristallini is a multi-brand clothing agency. We have occupied our current premises since 2007, and over time leased further areas in the building, first the upper floor, and later the flanking tenancies. The need to give coherency to the spaces, the ambition to distinguish ourselves amongst other showrooms in Italy, and the desire to offer both customers and employees a pleasurable working environment, encouraged us to engage an architect.

Our choice of MORQ occurred quite naturally following both previous collaborations and our alignment of vision. The three year timeline of the design and construction was clearly articulated from the start. This was to ensure a consistent and manageable workflow for our business to function throughout the process. The end result has left us satisfied without doubt, every day the space engages and repays us from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Fabio Cristallini



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